SMT-1 Series

Sinoamigo SMT-1 motorized pop up power outlets are sleek, stylish addition to any modern work environment offering convenient access to power, data & AV outlets without compromising aesthetic looks.

With one simple touch, the unit automatically emerges for use on the work top providing a fantastic space saving option for those wanting a sophisticated yet efficient power supply.

Features an Anti-Pinch Safety Mechanism that senses any hindrance in the path whilst it is lowering, if this occurs the unit retreats direction and rises again.

The flashing LED lights enhances the socket top ring when the unit is in motion creating a seamless blend to its simplistic & impressive design.

When in closed position, IP55 rating provides almost complete protection from particles and a good level of protection against water.

Accepts various type of modules which provides expanded custom flexibility. Easy to install into kitchen countertops, home desks and office spaces.

Available to customize with optional Bluetooth speakers to enable music streaming from any smart device, and wireless charging top which eliminates the need to attach a charging cable every time you want to charge your device.