Concrete Underfloor power and data access gets easier with our latest range of floor boxes.

Date: 2019-08-02        Clicks: 3793

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly developed concrete floor box system; the newest in the line of the most pioneering floor boxes in the market today.  


Now more versatile than ever, the SCF-245C and SCF-320C series open type floor boxes have been specifically designed for concrete floor applications to accommodate devices that deliver connections to power, data and multimedia in any commercial settings. Ideal for various applications including office buildings, conference centers, schools, shopping centers and health-care facilities.


Key Features:

Aesthetic cover features a recess to accept floor covering to match the surrounding floor providing a smooth, seamless look.



The lid is reversible and made from high impact ABS material with galvanized steel support plate which delivers added strength and reliability.

Equipped with recessed flip-up handle to facilitate the access to box services and a retaining guard to protect cables while they are connected. 

Durable Galvanized Steel Construction base box

Cover top features low profile beveled flange to prevent tripping hazards.

Appropriate for installation in concrete floors, interior dry locations where the accumulation of scrub water is unlikely to occur.

With large modules capacity, the unit can be configured with multiple power data and multimedia outlets for expanded custom flexibility.



Product Dimensions:

In addition, we offer SCF series models for access floor applications to meet your appropriate business needs.

For more details on floor box selection process, please write to us:info@sinoamigo.com 

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