STS-R90 Series In-Desk Power and Charging Grommet: Plug in and Power up with ease.

Date: 2023-11-14        Clicks: 393

Transform your workspace or living area into a power hub with the innovative STS-R90 series in-desk power and charging grommets. With three unique variants designed to cater to your specific needs, these in-desk grommets offer a new level of convenience and power accessibility.
Let's explore the exceptional features of the STS-R90 series.

The STS-R90-1 grommet boasts a Type 45 series Power socket module coupled with a 21W Dual port USB Type A+A charger. This variant is perfect for those who use devices compatible with Type A USB ports. Learn more.

The STS-R90-2 grommet steps it up a notch with a Type 45 series Power socket module and a 21W Dual port USB Type A+C charger. It provides a wider range of charging options, accommodating devices that require Type C USB ports. Learn more.

For the ultimate in wireless convenience, the STS-R90-3 grommet comes equipped with a 15W wireless charger alongside a 21W Dual port USB Type A+C charger. Just place your Qi-compatible device on the charger, and power up without the need for cables. Learn more.

Embodying the essence of convenience, this series allows you to effortlessly connect and charge your devices. The easy-to-reach USB ports, power outlets, and wireless charging pad are all neatly integrated into your workspace or furniture, enabling you to plug in and power up with utmost ease.

Installation of the STS-R90 series is a breeze. It fits seamlessly into an 80mm grommet hole, ensuring a user-friendly installation process and a clutter-free environment. 

The applications for the STS-R90 series are boundless. Whether it's an office desk, personal workstation, or even a sofa, these grommets provide a sleek and modern solution to power and charging needs.

Equip your space with the STS-R90 series in-desk power and charging grommets and experience the blend of technology and convenience that will redefine your daily power access experience.