Introducing the next generation STP-2 Surface Mount Pop-up outlet: Redefining Innovation

Date: 2021-12-01        Clicks: 1284

The wait for the launch of our new product is finally over! And while the wait may have been longer than anticipated, the result is very much what our customers had speculated and hoped for. But we didn’t want to just meet expectations, we wanted to surprise, delight and give users an amazing experience.

Introducing the next-generation STP-2 surface mount pop-up outlet - our latest and enhanced power and connectivity solution which adds that real wow factor to any kitchen, bedroom, home or office, creating a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing working environment.

Our patented structure adopts a “Human-Centered Design” concept, with user’s perspective in mind, first and foremost - true to the popular STP-1 series while bringing forward innovative features and minimalist style that elevate the functionality and appearance of a pop-up outlet.

Learn more about our modern solution of redefining innovation.