Sleek, practical, and efficient - that's our SPT Series Surface Mount Power Track Socket!

Date: 2023-08-22        Clicks: 545

Experience the future of power solutions with our SPT Series Surface Mount Power Track Socket! It is designed to cater to your diverse power needs, offering a wide range of power socket module options and a 20W USB A+C fast charging module. Whether you're charging your devices, powering your home entertainment system, or keeping your kitchen appliances running, our SPT Series has got you covered.

Ease of use? Absolutely! The socket module is incredibly user-friendly. Simply slide the module along the track to your desired position, rotate it clockwise to secure it, and voila! It's as easy as that! No fuss, no hassle, just seamless power accessibility at your fingertips.

It's more than just a power solution; it's a lifestyle upgrade!

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