10 Years of Sinoamigo – Celebrating Our Anniversary In Style!

Date: 2020-11-02        Clicks: 900

This year is unique and special year for us. It is our 10th anniversary year. And all big milestones mean a celebration. Especially in the Sinoamigo world, where one of our goals as a team is celebrating company achievements.

So celebrate is exactly what we did over the last weekend when all 3 departments of the Sinoamigo Group (Electric, Lighting and Power)  International Sales team converged on the beautiful mountain resort at Anji County, a peaceful oasis situated on a hillside overlooking a lake, surrounded by the beauty of lush bamboo groves and tea plantations. We wanted to show our appreciation of all the hard work Sinoamigo’s wonderful team has put into the past 10 years of growth and development by bringing them all together.

We enjoyed the mesmerizing landscapes, stunning views, mouthwatering culinary delights and perfect weather as well as participated in team building activities. The big take away for us is that whenever and wherever we all get together, it's like being with family in a good way, and it is always so worth all the planning. It is what helps keep our company culture of being more than just coworkers.

We are all reinvigorated to make the next 10 years even more of a success for Sinoamigo. Here are some glimpses from our memorable trip to Anji.