STC-6 Pop-up Multi Charging Outlet: Keep your devices powered up with this chic charging station.

Date: 2022-08-11        Clicks: 937

Furniture with charging station – from sofas to office desks – will keep your workspace style feeling smart and on-point.

Introducing our meticulously designed STC-6 pop-up multi charging outlet, that adds functionality and visual appeal to any room. It’s a smart way to charge your devices while taking up very little space on any surface.

With a total power output of 53W (max), this multi-charging station comes with a 20W USB-C port and a 18W USB-A port with mainstream fast charging PD & Quick Charge 3.0 protocols, as well as a designated 15W wireless charging pad, providing fast and efficient charging for smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices. 

Plus, you can charge up to three devices, all at the same time and you don’t need to stress over which device gets to be plugged into which outlet. 

With an ultra-slim profile combined with sleek minimalist appearance, you can maximize your space in a simple yet stunning way to blend into any setup.

Easily mount fits into a Ø60mm circular grommet hole and sits nearly flush with the surface.

Available in matte black or matte white finish to meet your design needs. Perfect for use in desks, sofas, and bedside tables.

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