SOB Series Waterproof Floor Outlet Boxes

Date: 2020-08-28        Clicks: 1740

When you are looking for a waterproof floor outlet boxes you need to think about quality and durability, and Sinoamigo Electric.

Our waterproof range of SOB series floor outlet boxes are specially designed for floor applications which require plug-in power and data connections, and high level of protection against water.

When in closed position, these sturdy units are IP66 and IP65 rated, which ensures advanced protection from total dust ingress & high-pressure water jets from any direction without compromising your electrical system.

Features a durable and non-corrosive structure to guarantee longer product lifespan, while the cover locking system provides the extent to endure from any pressure to protect the cable when connected.

You will not be let down with the innovational design of our practical and efficient floor boxes.

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